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Growing up, we at OMPP were fortunate enough to know what a home-cooked, farm-fresh meal tasted like. Food was used as both a necessity for life, and as an excuse to gather and spend quality time with family and friends. Neighbors often shared garden grown vegetables among each other, which contributed to not only the freshness of each meal, but to the community spirit as well. Life was good, the food was better.


Somewhere through the years, we found this sense of freshness, community, and quality disappeared from daily meal routines. Realizing that it was not only us who had lost this important connection with food, we set out on a mission to bring these factors back together. And if all this work was going to be put into such an effort- why not share the rewards with all of Houston? And so, Oh my! Pocket Pies was born.


You are what you eat. We at Oh my! Pocket Pies hold this statement true, and that's why we use only the freshest, most quality ingredients we can find here in Texas. We’ve searched high and low, and put much time and effort into partnering with trusted local vendors, farmers and ranchers in and around the Houston area to ensure the best ingredients and best taste. Bringing home-grown, fresh off the farm food products to you, we know exactly where our products come from, and that makes us happy!


Just like the good old days. Long gone are the days of fresh-made dough, slow-roasted meats, and good-tasting, good-for-you veggies. Or so you thought! Imagine a meal full of tasty comfort foods, cooked with love and care, bundled in a flaky dough, small enough to take on the go- or put in your pocket! Enter, Oh my! Pocket Pies. If your mouth isn't watering yet, you definitely haven't had our Chicken Chile Relleno Pocket Pie.


Quality food for any Mood. Our menu guarantees satisfaction for many cravings. Put us to the test- what are you in the mood for today?

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